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The Independent June 26, 2014 : Page 1

Celebrate Tuesday, July 1, 2014 See inside for a copy of the flag to post Vol. 1, Issue 43 Heritage head says Petrolia Heather Wright The Independent Free of Charge ~ Read and Enjoy! Thursday, June 26, 2014 BEE-LIEVE IT should take-over Discovery site The head of Petrolia Heritage says the town should run Petrolia Discovery. And Martin Dillon says the town made that offer to the people who run the historic working oil field. The historic site has had financial difficulties for a number of years dating back to an oil spill into Bear Creek, unfortunate storms which damaged buildings and the historic Fitzgerald Rig. The damage meant oil wells which generate revenue for the site were out of service and not making money to preserve the site. So in December, the town approached the foundation to offer help. Dillon was involved in that meeting between members of the Discovery Foundation board and the town. At the time of the meeting, town officials didn’t disclose they had offered to take over the operation of the site with a new committee of council overseeing it. After nearly six months of silence from the foundation board, Dillon started a discussion on the Petrolia Heritage website about the future of Discovery, voicing the opinion that the town should be running the site. “The town offered to take it over and take full responsibility and run the place. And oil men have offered to come in to help,” says Dillon. “It seemed like a good out for them…We made the offer to take it over lock stock and barrel…what an opportunity for them…it was a marvellous opportunity to just very tactfully hand it over and let someone with the tools and the obvious ability take it over.” Dillon says for a decade Petrolia Heritage has kept quiet on the issue but he says it is time to “be honest…Discovery is more important than any person or any board of directors. It has to be protected.” But the chair of the foundation board, Wendy Bratanek, doesn’t recall the town making the offer. “I don’t recall that happening,” she told The Independent. “They offered help…We did have meetings (about the offer to help)…it still is sort of on our plate on how can the town help us,” she adds. “These things don’t go quickly with a board of directors.” SEE DISCOVERY PG 2 Heather Wright Photo Munro Honey employee Mike Lightfoot can hardly be seen underneath an entire hive of bees which he allowed to crawl over his face in a bee beard contest at the Alvinston business’ 100th Anniversary Saturday. For more pictures of the event see Pg. 10. Alvinston apartments get a new lease on life Municipality sells troubled apartments to Richmond Hill property manager Heather Wright The Independent the nearly $300,000 of outstanding taxes and water bills after it seized the building for a tax sale. The three buildings with 18 apartments, which was full of tenants a decade ago, fell into disrepair over the past few years with a litany of problems including black mould, trashed apartments and water leaks. The landlord didn’t make repairs and one of the buildings was closed for building code violations. For the past five years, the municipality has been working to put Brooke-Alvinston has sold the Lorne Street Apartments. The municipality was concerned it would be some time before it saw the building up for tax sale and it was getting to the final stages. In May, the TD Bank which held the mortgage on the troubled complex, tried to stop the tax sale in court. That bid failed. Mayor Don McGugan says the judge sided with the municipality and allowed the sale to go ahead and the tenders were opened. McGugan says Brooke-Alvinston received three offers for the building. SEE ALVINSTON PG 2 4219 Oil Heritage Road, Petrolia • 519-882-1090 1-855-864-4962

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