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The Independent February 20, 2014 : Page 2

Page 2 New nursing home beds welcomed in Petrolia Heather Wright The Independent Hugh and Nancy MacDougall are lying comfortably together in a single bed in their sun drenched room. It might be small, but they are content just to be together. It seems like a simple thing, but with the shortage of nursing home beds in Lambton County, it was not an easy thing. The MacDougalls, in-laws to Lambton County Deputy Warden Bev MacDougall, are just one of many who are benefiting as 36 new nursing beds opened at Fiddick’s Nursing Mike Home in Petrolia Fiddick this week. The Fiddicks have been working with the Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network on the expansion for a number of years after the LHIN acknowledged there were not enough nursing beds in the community and offering the private home $1.7 million to help operate the new The Independent Thursday, February 20, 2014 Impaired driving charges “It just takes one phone call” in Oil Springs accident CON’T from PG. 1 A trust fund has been set up for the young man at the Royal Bank in the name of Shelley McMilllan. Sources tell The Independent the accident may have been linked to a Face-book Game called The Great Canadian Challenge. In it, people who are tagged by friends are supposed to “drink a beer in a creative way,” according to one person we talked to. But the day after the accident, Facebook was filled with messages talking about how the young men in the truck may have been in the middle of a chal-lenge. “It (the challenge) is for fun, but there are those others who go above and beyond and put themselves and others in danger,” says the source. These types of Facebook Challenges -sometimes called NekNominating -have stirred up controversy around the world with three people in Britain dy-ing after engaging in the drinking game where people involved are supposed to film their stunt, post it online and then nominate someone else to out-do their video. OPP Const.Todd Monaghan would not say whether police were investigat-ing the angle of the Internet challenge but said he too had heard rumours of a Facebook challenge. “The OPP looks at all the evidence and sees where it fits and lay charges,” he says. A 22 year old from Petrolia has been charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm and driving over the legal limit. CON’T FROM Pg. 1 It turned out the 22 year old had a marriage proposal but the prospective husband didn’t want three children – so the young woman gave up the baby of the family. And Napper says everything worked out for the best. “I didn’t know why -I was just given up for adoption, I always said I wasn’t wanted,” he says. “Once I found out why I think it was the greatest decision she made in her life…little did she know the impact that she made on other people’s lives. I loved my parents…they gave me everything in the world. “She had to make a tough decision and she had to make a good decision,” says Napper adding he believes everything happens for a reason. “She fulfilled the dreams of my adopt parents…they’d just lost two boys in a terrible truck accident one was 18 and one was eight they were both burned to death …they were looking to fill a void.” long-term care beds. After nine months of construction delays, residents like the MacDougalls, were moving into the new and newly renovated rooms. Bev MacDougall says her in-laws were at a retirement village when Nancy needed medical care. Nurses told the family Nancy would need nursing care. The couple wanted to stay together, so officials at the hospital called Fiddick’s to see what could be done. There was room, a retirement bed for Hugh and a nursing bed for Nancy. That worked for a short time until one day Hugh would not leave Nancy’s bedroom. “He told the nurses he wasn’t leaving. ‘It’s time I sleep with my wife again’ he told them.” The new rooms were just about ready and there was a double Heather Wright Photo occupancy room available. Now, Hugh and Nancy MacDougall lie comfortably together in their new room at Fiddick’s Nursing Home as they the MacDougall’s spend their talk with their daughter-in-law Lambton’s Deputy Warden Bev MacDougall who was at the Petrolia home for whole day together. the opening of the 36 new long-term care beds. Their story is not the only one like this. Joanne Wilcox had been And that was exhausting. Health until the work was complete and to provide a place for seniors to searching for a place for her 94 care workers told her it would then into a room of her own. come. “We hope this helps…take year old mother, too. “We had people out of the hospital.” be too difficult and contacted “If it wasn’t for Mike Fiddick’s no where to go. I was taking my On Thursday, 26 of the 36 beds Fiddick’s knowing the new offer, she would be sitting in my mother home with me,” she told a nursing beds would soon be house and then six months later I were already occupied. Fiddick group of people gathered Thursday available. They moved Wilcox’s would be here.” expected it would take another for the opening of the new beds. mother into the retirement side Fiddick says it is good to be able week before the all units are filled. Napper says he left the meeting feeling very blessed to have been adopted by his family. “I always respected my family I don’t know if I was that grateful at the time…I can see now the sacrifices they made. I come away from that thinking it was a damn good life I’ve had.” And Napper has a message for people looking for their parents: “If your actively looking for someone it just takes that one phone call.” Enniskillen’s insurance increase small Enniskillen Township can count itself among the lucky when it comes to municipal insurance. Recently, council heard that insurance rates for the municipality will increase about two percent. That in the face of other municipalities with double digit increases to recoup the cost of rising claims against municipalities. Insurance officials say many municipalities have between five and six “slip and fall” claims a year but not in Enniskillen where there are only a few thousand feet of sidewalk in Oil City. Insurance officials say as claims around the world rise, insurance rates will inch up to cover the payouts, even in small municipalities. S HORELINE EXPRESS Courier Services Inc. Courier + Warehouse + Packaging 519-882-0423 cell: 519-331-3061 fax: 519-882-0424 tch us if y Ca ou S TEADMAN B ROTHERS FUNERAL CHAPELS Owned & Operated by can ! Andrew Steadman , Director Fax: 519-864-1628 Mark Steadman , Director 3040 Brigden Rd. David Steadman , Assistant Director Brigden 519-864-1193 Bourque Woodworks www RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL Additions • Renovations • Kitchens & Baths • Trim Work C ustom Carpentry • General Co ntract or Mike Bourque mbour que@bourquewoodw orks .ca w w w . s t e a d m anbrothers.c a 329 Centre Street, Petrolia 519-882-3344

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