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Page 2 The Independent Thursday, February 13, 2014 to all those who took the time to send us their love stories! “Cupid’s Arrow” can be read here, it was written by Betty Popelier in honour of Maurice, her first and only love of 50 years! A Big Thank You Contest Winner I knew it was imperative that all my questions be answered as soon as possible. The door had barely slammed shut behind them before I raced up to my bedroom and sought out his picture in my high school yearbook. This would be no easy task not even knowing his name or what grade he was in, but I was one determined young lady. With a heart fluttering with love I leafed patiently through the book and was finally rewarded with the vision I had been seeking. At the age of fifteen and a half there I was, gazing at the image of the man I wanted to marry. A question suddenly entered my mind. Did he feel the same way, after all, I was just an awkward, skinny, not exactly the cheerleader type, teenage girl? I probably would never see him again. I erased that thought very quickly. It was July, 1959 and my parents were the owners of an establishment called Paul’s Confectionery. They sold candy, magazines, a few groceries, sandwiches and the most delicious hamburgers in town. To me, the most amazing feature of all was the old fashioned ice-cream parlour complete with a soda fountain, ornate woodwork and marble counters. I was working in the store on a typical hot summer day when the door opened and my eyes rose to behold the face of the handsomest boy I had ever seen. He was with his best friend and as they sat down at the counter before me, my heart skipped a beat, and from that moment on, my life would be changed forever. I was immediately mesmerized by his gorgeous brown eyes, thick dark hair and let’s be honest here, the aura of his entire being. My hands shook and I’m sure I babbled the whole time I waited on them. Who was he? What was his name? Where did he live? Cupid is a funny fellow. That arrow in his sling is ready to strike at any moment, at any age, at any person. When he catches sight of his next victims he carefully aims, shoots and in an instant two people are thrown into that bewildering state of mind called love and the incredible journey that follows. CUPID’S ARROW The VPP has turned a profit -the first time since at least 2010. Heather Wright Photo VPP seeing increase in group ticket sales Con’t from Pg 1 Poore says the VPP has “really been listening carefully to what the audiences wanted and worked with the artistic team to provide that.” That turned out to be musical theatre and concert style performances. “We’ve also diversified our revenue streams, seeking more with community partnerships as far as sponsorships are concerned.” And while all those things have contributed, Poore says theatre staff has worked hard to improve the consumer’s experience when they come to the theatre. “We treat the audience members as we’re greeting them in the home,” he says noting customer surveys show people love being able to meet with the artists after the show. “So managing the fiscal part of it is important but it is also having good firm line on the customer services.” Poore believes that commitment is already bringing more people to Petrolia this year. “This year seeing a It didn’t take long for us to determine that we both felt the same way and as in any relationship there were ups and downs, breaking up and making up, and there were times when I wasn’t sure if he was dating me or the fact that he was getting a lot of free hamburgers and milkshakes. Despite many differences in personality and preferences, four years later, on October 12th, 1963, we were blissfully wed. Whenever I’m asked how I could possibly know I was in love at such an early age my answer is always, ”I just knew.” Love is a feeling that cannot be described in mere words. Cupid’s arrow does not always bring everlasting happiness to his first targets, but every now and then he gets it right. I have always believed in “love at first sight.” My first and only love has lasted 50 years, and as I kiss my husband and best friend when I first awake in the morning and before I go to bed each night, my heart still skips that one little beat. I waited patiently and volunteered to work in the store many times during the next few days, which was puzzling to my parents as I usually whined and complained when asked to do so. Days passed, despair was setting in, and my hopes were fading when about two weeks later my heart leaped with joy, he finally returned and asked me out on a date. Thank you cupid. Being only fifteen, I knew it would be a hard sell to my parents, especially my dad. After much pleading and cajoling, they agreed to meet the boy, and both of us sat through an agonizing hour in which my father threatened to punch his lights out if he didn’t treat me with respect. This only endeared him more to me, because at this point all the poor lad wanted was a date. No new meningitis cases at LCCVI Con’t from Pg 1 “By the time this week is over, if we don’t see anymore cases, that’s when we’ll relax our guard a little.” A fact sheet released by the school says the bacteria which causes meningitis in severe cases, can cause delirium, coma, toxic shock and death. “Symptoms usually occur within three to four days after exposure but can take as long as 10 days,” says the Lambton Public Health fact sheet posted on line. “If you (or your child) dramatic increase in group sales and individual sales are also up from last year,” says Poore adding the VPP has been marketing to the group tours. “Where a company used to bring one coach last year this year they’re booking two coaches.” Poore hopes with the increased sales the VPP will make money in 2014 – possibly as much as $45,000. “We’ve targeted $810,000 in revenue this year. When and if we do better; that’s great -that’s a bonus.” Betty and Mark will both receive gift certificates “My Love Story” was written by Mark Drope from Crabby Joe’s in honour of Carol... his best friend Petrolia and a bouquet of flowers from and the woman that he wants to spend Gray’s Flowers & Gifts the rest of his life with! and Victorian Country Flowers A Big g Thank You to Our Contest Sponsors... Congratulations!! Runner Up Gray’s Councilors can claim $200 more in expenses Heather Wright The Independent Enniskillen councilors will be getting a slight pay increase. Municipal councilors approved a bylaw recently which will see the budget for remuneration rise 1.5 percent – about the rate of inflation according to Mayor Kevin Marriott. Councilors receive $90 for a half day meeting and $200 for full day meetings usually during conferences. Council has also approved an increase for attending conferences. Marriott says each councilor is able to attend one conference a year and could claim up to $2,000. Starting this year, they can claim up to $2,200. “We upped it a little since the registration and hotel have been exposed, observe yourself (or your child) for ten days after contact and report any of the following symptoms immediately to your physician: high fever with sudden onset, intense headache, nausea and/or vomiting, a stiff neck, irritability or agitation, lethargy/ drowsiness and a pinpoint or blotchy rash usually on buttocks, wrists or ankles. Flowers & Gifts PETROLIA 4156 4 56 5 6P P Petrolia Pe etrolia t r troli rolia oli li lia i Line Li L Lin Line, ine i ne e Pe P Petrolia e tr tro t ro r o l oli lia li ia i a • 2 226-738-0728 2 6 738 73 7 38 3 8 0 7 728 2 8 • Mon-Fri. 9-3 and everything over the last couple of years with everything combined, people were taking money out of the pocket,” says Marriott. Enniskillen spent $40,000 on councilor pay and conventions in 2013. Marriott says the increase in convention spending for councilors is the first since he was elected to council.

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