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The Independent January 16, 2012 : Page 1

Vol. 1, Issue 20 Community comes together to help people closer to home Heather Wright The Independent Alvinston food bank to open Pat Copeland and Don McGugan say the need for a food bank in Brooke-Alvinston is obvious. Statistics from the Petrolia Food Bank show that one out of every three customers are from Alvinston or Inwood. The mayor of Brooke-Alvinston says it wasn’t a surprise that some concerned com-munity members spearheaded a project to find a way to help closer to home. “Some folks from Hope United Church were interested in trying to reach out and help,” says McGugan. Last fall, church members met with officials from the Inn of the Good Shepherd and the Petrolia Food Bank to get the ball rolling. Copeland was one of those people. “A couple of years ago we had worked with the county on the good Free of Charge ~ Read and Enjoy! Thursday, January 16, 2014 food box program and when The Inn of the Good Shepherd started the mobile market they asked if they could use the United Church as a location,” says Copeland. Last year, about 30 families used the mobile vegetable market in Alvinston. That convinced Copeland people needed a food source closer to home. “One day (United Church Pastor) Jim (Breem) and I were kind of talking saying ‘we really have to do more for the food banks.’” That conversation turned into a plan for a local food bank. “I didn’t want it to be a United Church food bank; I wanted it to be a community endeav-our,” says Copeland. The Alvinston Food Bank will work close-ly with the Sarnia and Petrolia food banks to meet the needs of the community. McGugan says the municipality has provided a spot for the facility. “There is a spot in the basement of the municipal office which we’ve cleaned up and painted,” says McGugan. There is a street-level door which clients will be able to use for privacy. SEE FOOD BANK PG. 2 Heather Wright Photo Peggy Jenkins of Heaven’s Wildlife Rescue says Oil Springs Ollie is ready to become the world’s newest groundhog weather forecaster. He’ll make his debut Feb. 2 at the Oil Springs Youth Centre at 8:30am. Going up: Clean Harbors says vertical expansion may be best Introducing Oil Springs Ollie Heather Wright The Independent Officials with Clean Harbors say going up may be the best expansion option. The hazardous waste landfill near Brigden is in the third of four stages of an Environmental Assessment to expand the 50-year-old site. Mike Parker, Clean Harbors director of environmental compliance, says the two options – to either continue using the current site but piling the waste up to the top of the current berm or build a new 50-acre site south of the current landfill – have been studied for their impact on air emissions, noise, odour, ground water quality, as well as the effects on agriculture and ecosystems. “In most of the areas, most of the preferred options are showing the vertical expansion,” says Parker. One of the biggest advantages will be for ground water, according to Parker. He says building another landfill “introduces a whole new source of potential problems.” But Parker says the company could not continue filling the current landfill to the top of the berms without controlling the waste water (called leachate.) Parker says a leachate system would have to be built into the ground to make sure any waste water wouldn’t make it into water sources. “Leachate collection will always be there; if by some chance there was movement of leachate it will be collected,” he says. All of the reports are available online at ea_process_document_library.html They’ll also be reviewed at an open house Jan. 21 from 4 pm to 9 pm at the Brigden Fire Hall. Aside from the public input received at the open house, Parker is expecting written comments from local municipalities and First Nations. Village will hold annual rite of winter Feb. 2 at Youth Centre Heather Wright The Independent SEE CLEAN HARBOURS PG 2 Move over Punxsatawney Phil and Wiarton Willie – Oil Spring’s Ollie is about to join the ranks of groundhog weather forecasters. On Feb. 2, when Phil and Willie are peering out of their burrows to see if spring will arrive early, Ollie will be making his debut at the Oil Springs Youth Centre. Village Councilor Kathy Gadsby says the owner of Heaven’s Wildlife Rescue, Peggy Jenkins, recently called the municipal office suggesting Oil Springs hold its own Groundhog Day ritual. Jenkins has a groundhog (whose name has been changed from Sheldon to Ollie) she was willing to let the village use. Jenkins says Ollie/Sheldon came to Heaven’s Wildlife Rescue earlier this year as a young animal and can’t be released into the wild. She takes Ollie with her during talks, usually to school-aged children. Gadsby says the municipality jumped at the idea of Oil Springs own Groundhog’s Day ritual and have turned it into a family event. A fundraising breakfast will be held during the Groundhog Day event to raise money for the Oil Springs Parks and Recreation Committee and Heaven’s Wildlife. Jenkins expects the mild-mannered groundhog will adapt well to life in the spotlight. 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