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The Independent Nov. 28, 2013 : Page 1

Vol. 1, Issue 13 ‘If they come to the door, turn them away’ Heather Wright The Independent Bonnie Elliott wants to make sure no one falls for a slick salesman at the front door. The Petrolia woman had a close call this weekend. She was in her yard doing some clean up when a door-to-door salesman startled her. “He seemed to jump up from behind the car,” she told The Independent. The man told her he had authority to check the furnaces in every home in the neighbourhood and her unit had to be inspected. “I thought, ‘If he has to check the furnace, I’ll get it done and over with.’” She led the man downstairs to her old furnace, which is still in good working order. Elliott had been investigating replacing it, but had not made any decisions yet. The salesman took one look, called it a dinosaur and told her it had to be replaced. “He said ‘This furnace has to go and aren’t you lucky, I can offer you a new one.’” So Elliott listened to his pitch, $69.95 a month and she would have a new furnace which used less gas and electricity and took up less space. The salesman told her “’Anything breaks down, day or night, we’ll be there.’ Well, you can see how that solved all my problems.” Elliott says it was only after she awkwardly shook the man’s left-hand that she felt perhaps this wasn’t the best idea. SEE DOOR-TO-DOOR PG 2 Thursday, November 28, 2013 Heather Wright Photo IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS You think you have a chore to put up Christmas lights, consider Dan Vasey. The Bluewater Power worker was in the bucket truck stringing lights in the pine trees at Petrolia’s Victoria Park Tuesday in preparation for Christmas in the Park Dec. 6. To recycle or not to recycle at the post office Heather Wright The Independent Becca Amendola wants to encourage people to do what they can to help the environment. So when the new Petrolia resident noticed a garbage can overflowing with paper in the Petrolia post office, she became concerned. When Amendola found out the paper was simply being thrown out, she began a quest to make sure the unwanted items made it to a recycling bin somewhere. But the quest has ended in a mess. Amendola told The Independent she was “persistently complaining” for weeks about the papers being thrown out only to be told Canada Post is not required to recycle. Officials at the district office also told her they would not put a recycling bin in the foyer by the mailboxes because it wants to encourage people to take the flyers of their customers home to read. Placing a recycling box there would allow them to simply drop them without looking at them. “I called up the local MP (Sarnia-Lambton MP Pat Davison) because this is actually a national issue – not a single Canada Post outlet has to recycle,” she says. The MPs office placed a call to an official at Canada Post who called Amendola and listened to her concerns. By Monday, the garbage can in the foyer was gone. “I’m glad,” says Amendola adding she was willing to set up a volunteer group to go in at the end of each business day to sort the contents of the garbage so the paper could be recycled. On Monday, there was a growing pile of paper on the table in the foyer, Amendola says that’s unfortunate, but there is a solution. SEE MAIL PG. 2 Kathy Ehman Photo Ad mail is piling up at the Canada Post in Petrolia after a resident complained about the paper being thrown out. WANT TO WIN Of course you do. AN iPAD? 4219 Oil Heritage Road • Petrolia • 519-882-1090 LIKE us on FACEBOOK and you will be entered into a draw to WIN an IPAD... draw date will occur once we reach 1500 likes. Recommend to your friends and family as the sooner we get 1500 likes the sooner the draw at MacFarlane Chevrolet Buick GMC will occur for an IPAD

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