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CASE IH ® THE RIGHT TRACK: PRODUCERS COMPARE QUADTRAC AND DEERE 9RX TRACTORS OPERATORS SHARE THEIR FIRST IMPRESSIONS Since Case IH launched the Steiger ® Quadtrac in 1996, four-track tractors have powered large-scale jobs all over the globe — from the fertile soils of the U.S. Corn Belt to the simmering heat of Australia to the frozen plains of Antarctica. These machines earned a reputation for delivering high horsepower to the ground, reducing soil compaction with their exclusive ve-axle self-tensioning track undercarriage design. While Case IH continued to innovate track technology, John Deere developed an articulated four-track tractor with attached add-on undercarriage design — the 9RX series — that launched in 2015. Naturally, producers have since inquired on the differences between the two tractor series. Thus, Case IH recently invited 10 experienced operators of Steiger Quadtrac tractors to west-central Minnesota to compare the venerable Steiger Quadtrac 620 and the new John Deere 9620RX — both machines rated at 620 engine horsepower. NEWS We are already rethinking the future of productivity. Visit to watch the video and share your thoughts. TALE OF THE TAPE Following a detailed inspection of both machines, operators spent hours in each tractor, making multiple passes around the eld. They worked stubborn CRP ground — that had not been cropped or tilled in 10 years — with a 26-foot Ecolo-Tiger ® 875 disk ripper while maintaining speeds of 5, 6 and 7 mph. Operators were asked to assess both tractors on several key points, quantifying their opinions on a 1 (extremely dissatis ed) to 10 (extremely satis ed) scale. TRACTOR RATINGS Ride Quality QUADTRAC 9620RX Ease of Control QUADTRAC 9620RX 360º Visibility QUADTRAC 9620RX “ More of the components were shaking on the John Deere — speci cally the hood and the fuel tank.” — Vance Zacharias of Kathryn, North Dakota In-cab Noise Reduction QUADTRAC 9620RX Ease of Cab Entry/Exit QUADTRAC 9620RX ON POWER AND EFFICIENCY: “ The John Deere was de nitely harder on fuel at 5, 6 and 7 mph — from 2 to 4 gallons per hour more at each setting.” — Corey Yake of Stouffville, Ontario “ The Case has less obstacles to look around, and it’s easier to see the ground. The hood isn’t as high, and you don’t have the fender airs that the John Deere has. ... Hooking up an implement would probably require two people with the John Deere.” — Nicholas Strom of Groton, South Dakota Serviceability QUADTRAC 9620RX Overall Experience QUADTRAC 9620RX “ The John Deere has two screens, one for machine status and one for GPS. Case has one — the (AFS) Pro 700. I like the one-screen setup because everything’s accessible.” — Vance Zacharias of Kathryn, North Dakota 0 2 4 Average Rating 6 8 10 “ The Case Quadtrac recovered faster and got back up to speed at a more consistent pace than the John Deere.” — Kurt Druffel of Pullman, Washington REAL-WORLD ASSESSMENT Drivers ranked their opinions of the tractors after the walk-around and driving exercises. Ratings range from 1, extremely dissatis ed, to 10, extremely satis ed. This chart shows the combined average of the 10 drivers. Operators also were asked to provide commentary their peers might nd relevant. ON RIDE QUALITY: “ The eld conditions were rough, dry and rocky, and the “ The rst major difference I noticed with the John Deere was the turning radius; it does not turn near as sharp as the Steiger Quadtrac.” — Jon Bunkers of Chester, North Dakota Fred Lukens of Aneta, North Dakota, encouraged others considering track machines to complete their own side-by-side comparison by attaching the same implement to both tractors within the same eld. “ I think they would experience the same things (that we have),” Lukens said. “Case IH has had time to perfect what they are doing. It seems that John Deere is just getting started, and they have a lot of improvements to make in order to catch up to the Case IH Quadtrac.” Learn more about these producers’ comparisons at n ON THE CAB ENVIRONMENT: “ The quietness and controls of the Steiger Quadtrac seemed to be more user-friendly than the John Deere.” — Charles Augello of Elba, New York Quadtrac was a lot smoother riding. The ride in the John Deere was rough. You could feel the cab banging.” — Kevin Olson of Halstad, Minnesota MG16048A_4Q-16_CIHnews_Young's_F1.indd 1 10/31/16 6:06 PM

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