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Coupon Clipper Cambridge Winter 2014 : Cover

WINTER CAMBRIDGE ® COUPON CLIPPER 201 4 Circulation 45,000 Give the Gift of Health I’m in! Sign me up! YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo 519-623-9622 Join the Y YMCA MC Aa and nd receive r ec eiv e One O n eMo M Month n th Free! nth F Fr re r e e! Sign Sig n up at a t G iv et theG if t ofH ealth.c a orvisitoneof ou urloca tions with or visit one of our locations thisc oupon and enroll enr oll today! t oda y! this coupon Expir Expires es M March ar ch 31, 2014 Cambridge C ambr idgeC Coupon oupon Clipper Clipp er

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