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Air Show June 28 - 30, 2013 : Page 7

Photo courtesy of Jeff Stephenson Early in 2013 the Canadian Forces CF-18 Demonstration Team was thrilled to announce that Captain Patrick “Flocho” Pollen of 3 Wing Bagotville, Que., was appointed as the 2013 Demo Team pilot. Born into a military family, Captain Pollen always had dreams of becoming a pilot. It wasn’t until his rst air show that he decided to y ghters. “As soon as I saw the jets at my rst air show, I knew I wanted to rage around the friendly skies as a ghter pilot,” said Capt Pollen. “To have the opportunity now to y the Hornet in air shows as part of the CF-18 Demo Team, and maybe inspire future pilots, is an honour.” Capt. Pollen will be ying the CF-18 Hornet, Canada’s current ghter. Considered a “multi-role” ghter capable of both air-to-air and air-to-surface attacks, the ‘Hornet’ ies fast and carries a nasty sting. With a maximum speed 2013 CF-18 Hornet Demo Team ‘The Common Thread’ approaching twice the speed of sound and capable of carrying multiple weapons packages, the CF-18 is the RCAF’s and Canada’s pointy end of the spear. Capt Pollen has accumulated more than 3,200 hours of military ying in high performance aircraft but enjoys the challenges of his role as the 2013 CF-18 Demo Team pilot. Each year, the CF-18 Demonstration Team features a different theme; for the 2013 season, the theme will be “The Common Thread,” recognizing our common belief in peace, freedom and equality, qualities that make us all uniquely the same, Canadian. The Demo Hornet will feature tail art – designed by 410 Squadron’s veteran design director Jim Belliveau – that will embody this theme. A big Great Lakes International Airshow welcome to Capt. Pollen and his 2013 Hornet Demo Team! t5FDIOJDJBOTUP4FSWJDFBMM.BLFT t(BT4UPWF%SZFS3F&#0e;)PPLT t%JTIXBTIFS3F&#0e;)PPLT t'VMM1BSUT%FQBSUNFOU Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Collins Just off St. George Street at the caution light 7 Hydro Road, St. Thomas 519-633-0107 $0.&7*4*5 US AT OUR 519.631.1881 t888&#0f;3"*-8":$*5:#3&8*/(&#0f;$0. 7 JUNE 28-30, 2013, ST THOMAS, ONTARIO CANADA 130 EDWARD STREET. ST. THOMAS, ON /&8-0$"5*0/&#1b; GREAT LAKES INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW

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