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Air Show June 28 - 30, 2013 : Page 33

Snowbirds 2013 Show Team Standards Pilot Captain Regan Wickett Standards Pilot Captain Wickett is from Saskatoon, SK. Standards Pilot Captain Brett Glaeser Standards Pilot Captain Glaeser is from Prospect Bay, NS. Captain Thomas Edelson Public Affairs Of cer Captain Thomas Edelson comes from Mission, BC. Captain Scott Green eld From Cobourg, ON, Captain Scott Green eld is Snowbird 10, Coordinator. Captain Steve MacDonald From New Waterford, NS, Captain Steve MacDonald is Snowbird 11, Coordinator. Chief Warrant Of cer Alan Blakney Chief Warrant Of cer Blakney has included authorizations on 11 different xed and rotary wing aircraft types while serving in Canada, USA, the Arctic and around the world. Sergeant Trevor Llewellyn Crew Chief Aviation Technician Sergeant Trevor Llewellyn is from Comox, BC. GREAT LAKES INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW Master Corporal Marty Myre Deputy Crew Chief Avionics Technician Master Corporal Marty Myre is from Sudbury, ON. 33 Corporal Justin Hill Technical Coordinator Aircraft Structures Technician Corporal Justin Hill comes from Beaver Bank, NS. JUNE 28-30, 2013, ST THOMAS, ONTARIO CANADA

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