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Air Show June 28 - 30, 2013 : Page 32

Snowbirds 2013 Show Team Lieutenant-Colonel Maryse Carmichael, Commanding Of cer Lieutenant-Colonel Carmichael was promoted to her current rank and appointed as the 431 Air Demonstration Squadron’s Commanding Of cer in May 2010. She commands the Canadian Forces’ Air Demonstration Team, the Snowbirds. Major Wayne Mott Major Mott, from Miramichi, New Brunswick leads the team as Snowbird 1. Captain Padruig MacIntosh Captain MacIntosh from Windsor, Ontario ies the number 2 jet in the Inner Right Wing position. Captain Brett Parker Captain Parker from Edmonton, Alberta joins the team as Snowbird 3, Inner Left Wing position. Captain Gregg Wiebe Captain Wiebe from Kenora, Ontario ies as a member of the Air Demonstration Flight as Snowbird 4, First Line Astern. Captain Trevor Shawaga Captain Shawaga, from Melville, Saskatchewan is in Snowbird 5, Second Line Astern. Captain Denis Bandet Snowbird 6, in the Outer Right Wing position, is Captain Denis Bandet, Regina, SK. Captain Iain Cummings Snowbird 7, in the Outer Left Wing position, is Captain Iain Cummings, Regina, SK. Captain Guillaume Paquet Captain Guillaume Paquet from Saint-Quentin, NB ies as Snowbird 8, Opposing Solo. 32 Captain Brent Handy Captain Brent Handy from Wyevale, ON ies as Snowbird 9, Lead Solo. GREAT LAKES INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW JUNE 28-30, 2013, ST THOMAS, ONTARIO CANADA

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