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On behalf of Central Elgin Council, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all those attending the 2013 Great Lakes On behalf of the members of International Air Show. City Council and the citizen’s of I would like to take this opportunity St. Thomas we warmly welcome to congratulate the organizing you to the very exciting Great committee for planning another Lakes International Air Show at successful event. The dedicated the St. Thomas Municipal Airport volunteers have spent numerous and to the City we can home. It is hours coordinating all aspects of the On behalf a of the members of City Council and the citizen’s of St. Thomas we warmly welcome pleasure for St. Thomas to play air show to ensure all patrons have an you to the host very to exciting Great Lakes International Air Show at the St. Thomas Municipal Airport the legendary Snowbirds enjoyable experience. performers. and to the and City other we can home. It is a pleasure for St. Thomas to play host to the legendary Central Elgin is pleased and proud Central Elgin Mayor We would like to commend the Snowbirds and other performers. to have this opportunity to showcase Bill Walters Great Lakes International Air our community to both local and Show Organizing Committee for international Air visitors. Once again, this popular event We would their like to commend the Great Lakes International Show Organizing Committee for will dedication and hard work in feature the world famous Canadian Forces Snowbirds and Sean their dedication and hard work event in bringing special event to St. Thomas. We would also like include bringing this special to St. this D. Tucker, ying the Oracle Challenger II. Land displays to thank the sponsors your generosity and support. Thomas. We would also like to thank for the sponsors for your vintage military vehicles (Ole Elgin Jeep Troop) and Canadian Brigade Group. generosity and support. We a hope you have additional time to visit other areas of our Looking to seeing you you and have hope a you have wonderful time. Looking forward to forward seeing you and hope community and enjoy the sights and sounds of Central Elgin. wonderful time. Greetings from the Mayor of St. Thomas A Warm Welcome GREETINGS FROM THE MAYOR Sincerely, Sincerely, Enjoy this amazing event! Kindest Regards Heather Jackson Of ce of the Mayor 545 Talbot Street P.O Box 520 City Hall St. Thomas Ontario N5P 3V7 Tel: (519) 631-1680 or Fax: (519) 631-9019 Heather Jackson Bill Walters Mayor The Municipality of Central Elgin 450 Sunset Drive, 1st Floor St. Thomas ON N5R 5V1 Phone: 519.631.4860 Fax: 519.631.4036 Welcome to the Great Lakes International Air Show On behalf of the Board, Volunteers, and our community, it is a pleasure to present this premier display of aviation excitement. The sounds of vintage wings and high performance jets rocketing through the skies of Southwestern Ontario have occurred annually for many years. We’re thrilled that the new Great Lakes International Air Show brand now captures our team’s vision of making this event an unsurpassed aviation performance that bene ts local charities. I want to thank the volunteers who have put hundreds of hours into planning this show to ensure it will be memorable for everyone President, Jim Graham involved. I also thank our many sponsors, especially our lead sponsor, Ascent for their investment in this exciting event. Our appreciation is also extended to the aircrew, spectators and distinguished guests for their support. GREAT LAKES INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW 3 The bene ts of the 20131 Great Lakes International Air Show will be seen long after the planes have left and the crowds have dispersed. This event reinvests in community non pro ts including the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation, the Military Family Resource Centre (London), the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada, St. John Ambulance, and the Air Cadets. I remember attending my rst air show over thirty years ago. Many subsequent air shows inspired a life-long love of aviation, history and admiration for those who choose to serve in the defence of our way of life. I hope the Great Lakes International Air Show has the same resonance for your family. Jim Graham, President Great Lakes International Air Show Board of Directors JUNE 28-30, 2013, ST THOMAS, ONTARIO CANADA

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