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B-17G Sentimental Journey The Boeing B-17 “Flying Fortress” was a four engine long range heavy bomber used by the United States Army Air Force during the Second World War. This aircraft type is most well-known for its role in the daylight strategic bombing campaign against Germany and the occupied countries. The B-17’s ability to y higher and further than most of her wartime contemporaries, along with her almost mythical ability to absorb battle damage and return home safely earned her the respect and admiration of all the crews who ew her. By the end of the war, the B-17 had dropped more bombs than any other US aircraft. Sentimental Journey rolled off the Douglas assembly line in late 1944, and was accepted by the U.S. Army Air Force on March 13, 1945. Manufactured too late to see service in the European war, the aircraft was assigned to the Pacic theater for the duration of the war. B-17G Sentimental Journey entered service with the CAF in 1978. Arizona Wing members immediately undertook the chores of cleaning, polishing and repainting in WW II markings and honing the ship into excellent mechanical condition. Today, she is proudly painted in the markings of the 457th Bomb Group, which was comprised of the 748th, 749th, 750th and 751st Bombardment Squadrons, based in Glatton, England. OUR VISION The world leader of engineered passive protection solutions. OUR MISSION We save lives by supporting our customers in the development, production and installation of the most e ective passive protection solutions. OUR VALUES A passion for service and responsiveness to our customers, our employees and our community Educating and supporting our people in the application of leading technologies and best business practices Pursuing excellence through innovation and continuous improvement Holding ourselves accountable to do what’s right Common sense and simplicity GREAT LAKES INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW 10 JUNE 28-30, 2013, ST THOMAS, ONTARIO CANADA

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